Hi everyone!

Happy Fall!

I made it to November, phew! I never thought I would. October is always insane. Six more weeks of the holiday rush and then I can kick my heels up for a few days and enjoy the holidays with my family!

I wanted to say how disappointed I am that I had to turn so many of you down this year for holiday sessions. *dislike* I have finally enlisted some help so I’m thinking that by next year I should be able to manage my time better and take on more clients since I’ll have help with all the editing.

That reminds me! I have been meaning to post about editing. It goes a little something like this! (Note: This is from my photographer friend, Nicole, and I could not have said it any better or different so I asked her if it was okay to post. And, I’ve been meaning to post it for 8 weeks now! How bad is that?!)

I shoot hundreds of frames during a session. It takes me 4+ hours just to look through the 1,000+ and edit it down to the best images. From there I use editing software to add brightness, contrast, and black to give the images a pop. I also crop out anything distracting or unflattering. Then, I do minor retouching on the images (wrinkles, blemish removal, scratches or kid snot removal). Finally, I’ll make copies and convert some copies to black and white and then add further contrast, brightness, etc. When that’s done the images are saved, saved to a backup location and then uploaded to smugmug (so you can see them and it also serves as a backup). Burning a disk with a cover as well as the data takes another hour and then I package and mail it to you.

So, that in a nutshell is why you don’t see your images the day after our session. =-) I also work in fair order at all times so if for instance there is only one person ahead you will certainly receive your photos more quickly than during the holiday season when there may be up to 10 people ahead of you.

There you have it!

Here are some shots from a recent holiday session! Nothing but love amongst this family of three!