The new stadium in Silicon Valley is totally amazing! The twins and I headed over this week to check it out. We were so blessed to get a pass from the Harbaugh family! We had a really great time and can’t wait for the season to start! GO NINERS!!! My husband and I have grown up with the Niners .We’ve also crossed their paths many times with them as friends, photography clients,  my Dad’s Company with Steve Young (my brother and I are in the awful commercial, ha!) You can see the video HERE for a good laugh.  Anyways, we are just are floored and the stadium is right in our backyard!

Just rolling around on the locker room floor. Totally normal!

Hanging in the cheerleader dressing room dreaming of babes. 🙂

Press room!

Roof top.

After the game press room. You cuties got anything to say?

Last, but not least, the beautiful Harbaughs! Copyright Heather L. Hunt.

JUSTICE SCALIA | San Francisco Event Photographer

I photographed Justice Scalia of the Supreme Court! Justice Scalia is the longest-serving Justice currently on the Court. He has served on the Court for more than thirty years. Appointed to the Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, Scalia has been described as the intellectual anchor of the Court’s conservative wing.

DENNIS HAYSBERT | SF Bay Area Professional Photographer

Ran into this guy at an event awhile back! Look familiar? “You’re in Good Hands” with Allstate commercials! Or maybe you remember him portraying baseball player Pedro Cerrano in the Major League film trilogy, President David Palmer on the American television series 24, or as Sergeant Major Jonas Blane on the drama series The Unit. Great to see you, Dennis.