JUSTICE SCALIA | San Francisco Event Photographer

I photographed Justice Scalia of the Supreme Court! Justice Scalia is the longest-serving Justice currently on the Court. He has served on the Court for more than thirty years. Appointed to the Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, Scalia has been described as the intellectual anchor of the Court’s conservative wing.

Las Vegas Wedding | San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Wedding season is just around the corner so what a better time to post a super belated cute little wedding photograph blog! I absolutely loved working with this beautiful couple from beginning to end. The whole family was a pleasure to be around and super fun! Las Vegas was a great choice! Enjoy!

The S. Family | San Jose Family Photographer

A special photo session for me. We have been friends with these beautiful girls since my twins were 4 months old. We have a twin play group that started way back then and we’ve stayed in touch every since. Now that all the twins in the group have turned 6 years old, it’s hard to get everyone together as much living in different neighborhoods, attending different elementary schools and all the other regular ongoings and activities. I was SO happy to see this family and spend some time! Their doggie has been fighting a very courageous battle. She is a fighter! I’m praying for her every day. Another reason this session was so special to me. My dear friend, S., I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do! Much love.

Holiday Fun | Los Altos Family Photographer

Well well well. A holiday blog post – SUPER belated! My beautiful friend, Jena, and her darling daughter having fun together, as usual. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much fun these two have! Love it!

BTW, I am like 78 blogs behind. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up! Enjoy!


Hi everyone! I hope this finds you well!

Can’t keep up with my blogging this busy holiday seasion. To be exact I’m approx 68 blogs behind. *sigh* *pout* *frown*

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I’ve managed to share a few photographs there throughout this busy holiday seasion, but I anticipate another month or so before I’ll be able to play catch up here.

And don’t even THINK about paying attention to my main website. I haven’t been able to update that old thing in years. Hmmmm…New Year’s resolution idea?!!! Update the website. I think yes!

Happy holidays to you and yours! It’s gonna be GREAT!


The S. Family | San Jose Family Photographer

I instantly fell in love with this family. They are so fun to be around and find great delight in one another. They show and say I love you in so many different ways. I feel like they don’t even need words sometimes! I just can’t explain it. They have always been so kind to me and it’s always a pleasure to meet up. I have finally arranged a play date for our kids and we can’t wait! I had to warn their Mommy, I WILL have my camera in hand. As if I can go anywhere without it. *smile* Enjoy a sneak peak, guys! ~Heather

It is so fun playing with my big brother!!!!!!