Las Vegas Wedding | San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Wedding season is just around the corner so what a better time to post a super belated cute little wedding photograph blog! I absolutely loved working with this beautiful couple from beginning to end. The whole family was a pleasure to be around and super fun! Las Vegas was a great choice! Enjoy!

The S. Family | San Jose Family Photographer

A special photo session for me. We have been friends with these beautiful girls since my twins were 4 months old. We have a twin play group that started way back then and we’ve stayed in touch every since. Now that all the twins in the group have turned 6 years old, it’s hard to get everyone together as much living in different neighborhoods, attending different elementary schools and all the other regular ongoings and activities. I was SO happy to see this family and spend some time! Their doggie has been fighting a very courageous battle. She is a fighter! I’m praying for her every day. Another reason this session was so special to me. My dear friend, S., I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do! Much love.

Holiday Fun | Los Altos Family Photographer

Well well well. A holiday blog post – SUPER belated! My beautiful friend, Jena, and her darling daughter having fun together, as usual. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much fun these two have! Love it!

BTW, I am like 78 blogs behind. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up! Enjoy!


Hi everyone! I hope this finds you well!

Can’t keep up with my blogging this busy holiday seasion. To be exact I’m approx 68 blogs behind. *sigh* *pout* *frown*

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I’ve managed to share a few photographs there throughout this busy holiday seasion, but I anticipate another month or so before I’ll be able to play catch up here.

And don’t even THINK about paying attention to my main website. I haven’t been able to update that old thing in years. Hmmmm…New Year’s resolution idea?!!! Update the website. I think yes!

Happy holidays to you and yours! It’s gonna be GREAT!


The S. Family | San Jose Family Photographer

I instantly fell in love with this family. They are so fun to be around and find great delight in one another. They show and say I love you in so many different ways. I feel like they don’t even need words sometimes! I just can’t explain it. They have always been so kind to me and it’s always a pleasure to meet up. I have finally arranged a play date for our kids and we can’t wait! I had to warn their Mommy, I WILL have my camera in hand. As if I can go anywhere without it. *smile* Enjoy a sneak peak, guys! ~Heather

It is so fun playing with my big brother!!!!!!