I can’t believe I am about to tell this story.

One of the best families right here! Mom and Dad aren’t in the photos, but really some of the nicest people I have ever met!

It all starts a couple of weeks ago when I had to cancel a session with them. My kiddos got sick and it was the first time in all of my photography career that I had to cancel a photo shoot so I almost had a heart attack. But, of course the Mom was totally understanding. She has b/g twins herself who are almost the same age as my duo!

We reschedule their shoot and you will never believe I sent them to the wrong place the second time. SERIOUSLY?! It’s quite obvious I have way too much on my plate right now! (Still can’t believe I am even telling this story!) The Mom called me and was like “where are you?”. And, it gets worse. I’m on the other side of the BAY AREA! OY OY OY. I apologize profusely and she is SO sweet and understanding and we schedule them for the next day.

I’m sure you think the story is over at this point. Well, unbeknownedst to me, the park we meet up at has a car show that day! The park is secured and you have to pay $15 a person to get in! I felt sick. I start digging around for money thinking, “I gotta pay for this family it’s the only right thing to do after all this!”. Yeah, I left my wallet at home. UGH!

I start thinking honesty is the best policy. I walk up to the guy at the front and seriously just start telling him the whole entire story. I tell him that we’ll only be hanging out there for about an hour and we aren’t interested in the cars. Score! He lets us all in with free admission.

The best part of the story. We had a PERFECT photo shoot. Everything went smoothly, the golden light was in full force and the kids were just naturally having a great time playing!

At the end we say our goodbyes. As they are walking away I notice my cell phone is no longer in my pocket! The parents notice I am looking for something so I tell them that I lost my cell phone! They must think I’m nuts by now. Guess what they do? Help me for like an hour trying to find it! The Mom was calling it for me over and over again and we backtracked our whole entire photo session. When we got to a wooded/big tree area we could hear it! Success! But, where was it? We spent the most time in that spot and could hear it, but not find it! Frustrating.

Finally, I told them to leave. I knew it was somewhere in that area. About thirty minutes later I finally found it underneath a huge bunch of leaves. When I was rolling around on the ground it must have fallen out. Yes, rolling around on a the ground. If you ever have a photographer who is dressed up too much for a photo shoot with children, you better think! 🙂

Anyways, quite the story I know. I wanted to thank this family AGAIN for their help, kindness and understanding! Enjoy a little peak. I’m just getting started here.