I ran into an old friend today and she asked me how I got started with photography. Good question! That’s something I haven’t blogged about and my web site is vague. I have enjoyed taking photos for as long as I can remember. I always had a camera in hand and in high school I had an obnoxious amount of photos and the most organized albums you’ve ever seen. Throughout the years family and friends complimented my photographs quite frequently making me blush. *smile* My husband and I had in 2004 what we call “The Year Of Weddings”. It seemed as if every great friend of ours got married that year and we had many a beautiful wedding to attend. It goes without saying that I photographed the weddings. I still have that old camera! It was that year that I decided to follow my passion. The photos spoke for themselves. Beautiful, emotional, artistic, fun. I started reading and researching everything under the sun. Books, online, magazines. I took some classes at the local city college. I started following my favorite photographers. I practiced and practiced and practiced. I officially started my photography business six years ago while still working at the law firm. I photographed on the weekends. Oh how I longed for those weekends! And there you have it. The rest is history. I am a NIKON girl now. After ditching my point and shoot camera I got my first SLR which was a Konica Minolta 5D. Next, I got a KM 7D. You won’t hear about KM as much anymore since the company was bought by Sony. It was a perfect starter camera for me. I found the photos below in my archives today! Some of my FIRST wedding photos ever! This happens to be my childhood friend, Jen. Enjoy!